So Long Nasty

The Beastie Boys grew up, and so did I

Showtime at the Apollo

Idan Raichel mixes traditional Ethiopian music, prayers, and funky beats to create dance tracks that speak to young Israelis

Beats Without Borders

Balkan Beat Box’s diaspora mix

Melody Maker

The true story of a White Plains boy who found both God and reggae

My Son, the Assimilator

Allan Sherman’s page in the American songbook

Beyond the Melting Pot

A hipster scholar makes room on his provocative playlist for the jubilant, in-your-face shtick of Mickey Katz

Death Wish

A tour through my private Grand Guignol

Immaterial Girl

Madonna, Kabbalah, and me

Ghetto Music

When Italians fell for klezmer, Francesco Spagnolo tuned them in to the forgotten sounds of their own people

Pulling Out the Stops

The rise and fall of the synagogue organ

Ethnic Sampling

Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and the pliability of Jewish music

A Very Special Special

VH1 gathers musical has-beens for a Seder that rocks (sort of)

Behind the Music

A beloved Lower East Side club threatened by broken sewer lines and rent hikes

Hog Wild

Maurice Sendak tinkers with Peter and the Wolf, rendering the villain as a pig and the boy as a guide to the illustrator’s own childhood.

Arlo’s Folks

Behind a great folk singer is his Yiddish poet mother-in-law

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