Behind the Music

Reconsidering Bill Graham, the war refugee turned Summer of Love impresario who forever changed concertgoing

Energy from the Inside

A jazz drummer turns to gospel


I have Bob Dylan to thank for my career, my child, and my soul

The Man with the $50,000 Beard

How a cantor became an American music legend

Bleeding Melodies

Composer Osvaldo Golijov

Almost Famous

Why isn’t Dayna Kurtz a household name?

Blues Brother

With a little self-invention and a lot of talent, Doc Pomus left his mark on rock ‘n’ roll

La Nona Kanta

Flory Jagoda sings the songs of her great-great-great-great-great grandparents

Minstrel Show

Parodies that make us cringe today used to make people roar. A music critic discovers Abie Cohen, the Jewish version of Aunt Jemima.

Sway to the Music

Bluesman Jeremiah Lockwood finds his voice in his grandfather’s liturgical repertoire

Oudist Colony

Talking with Jewlia Eisenberg about the Algerian divas who rock her world

A Different March

Sufjan Stevens makes a record his own way

Beautiful Loser

With a new documentary and a book of poems, Leonard Cohen is primed for a comeback. For Suzanne Snider, he never went away.

Roots Music

Galeet Dardashti finds the Israeli audience her grandfather never had

A Man Possessed

A visit with the composer who took over where Marc Blitzstein left off

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