Idol Worship

When we were kids, I wanted to follow in my brother’s footsteps. Now, as adults, I’m reminded why.

Going Nuts

Passover is about freedom, so let’s not encourage our kids to be slaves to their allergies

Welcome Home?

My children are becoming German citizens, and I’m going nuts

Are You There, God? It’s Us.

Little people, big questions

Ad Men

After the testosterone-fueled commercial wasteland of the Super Bowl, Olympics spots show some love to women.

Call and Response

Being polite to telemarketers can land you in the grave

Divorce Court

Long before Jerry Springer, divorcing couples fought it out before Warsaw’s rabbinical court

Tznius 2.0

As preteen pop stars play sexy, it’s time to rethink modesty

Love and Marriage

In the months before ‘I do,’ romance falls prey to planning

Hey, Jew, Don’t Make It Bad

Does telling children they’re hated make them mishear lyrics and, eventually, horde Viagra?

Losing My Religion

How becoming a father drove me away from Judaism—and my daughters into the Episcopal Church

Falling Down

How to talk to kids about death, in Haiti and at home

Planet of the Helicopter Parents

Want an epic adventure? Try having kids in New York

Fat Cats

Ehud Olmert, like the author’s son, believes in the feline defense: ‘I’m a cat, not a regular person, and the rules don’t apply to me’

Fine Young Criminal

The story of a yeshiva boy who turned to the gang life and lived to write about it

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