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From the archives: Investigating the meaning of Hanukkah

Ocho Kandelikas

From the archives: Flory Jagoda’s popular holiday song has its roots in a Bosnian village

What Moments Divine

Beliefs collide on a subway train

Bel Canto

Composer Yotam Haber finds inspiration in a dusty Roman archive

Birds of a Feather

Jews dominated the once-booming ostrich feather business. A historian finds out why.

High Fidelity

Josh Kun finds forgotten treasures in old, discarded LPs

Rifts and Rows

A London walking tour outlines the many divisions in British Jewry

Dancing in the Street

Celebrating Jerusalem hip-hop with Coolooloosh

Mad Mensches

“Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner dishes on the show’s Jewish characters

Mediterranean Melodies

La Mar Enfortuna reinterprets the music of the Sephardic diaspora

Politics of the Everyday

Novelist Yael Hedaya explores the daily struggles of modern Israelis

Open the Doors

A new school in Germany promises cantors for Europe

Beware the Evil Eye

A family blurs the borders between religion, superstition, and OCD

Paradise Lost

Ariel Sabar searches for the Edenic past his father left behind in Kurdistan

Land of Plenty

Dining out in Israel with food aficionado Janna Gur

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