‘Eight Days,’ the Reactions

On Tablet and elsewhere, readers respond to ‘Eight Days of Hanukkah’

‘Eight Days of Hanukkah’

How Orrin Hatch came to write a Hanukkah song for Tablet Magazine

Palin’s Rapture

Should we be upset over her support for Israel?

The Anti-Anti-Semite

Hannah Rosenthal, the State Department’s new anti-Semitism envoy, discusses her plans, Israel, and Abe Foxman

Slips of the Tongue

What the use of Yiddish phrases can tell us about contemporary American Jewry


A New York exhibition celebrates three generations of Morgenthaus

Chabad Camp

While emissaries from around the world met in Brooklyn over the weekend, their sons had a gathering of their own

No New Deal

On Election Day, New Jersey’s Syrian Jews let bygones be bygones

The Pulse-Taker

A look at pollster Jim Gerstein, J Street’s man behind the scenes

Kristol Clear

How the neoconservative columnist’s x-ray vision will be missed

Let Justice Roll Down

Parsing right and wrong with political philosopher Michael Sandel

Service Charges

How synagogues and their congregants are handling the economic downturn

Why Are Jews Liberals?

A symposium

The Long Goodbye

Norman Podhoretz unravels the mystery of Jewish attachment to liberalism

Rabbi Rambo

The do-it-yourself approach to synagogue security

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