Vox Tablet

Temple Seeker

Thomas Roma photographs Brooklyn’s synagogues past and present

Place of No Return

Two trips to Poland offer very different impressions for the daughter of a Holocaust survivor

The Solipsist

Howard Jacobson swore he wouldn’t write another Jewish novel. What happened?

Digging for Decalogues

Murray Zimiles explores the links between Torah arks and carousel horses

From Decadence to Minimalism

Alex Ross takes us on a music tour of the 20th century

Pioneer Tunes

A conversation with Alisa Solomon about the first—and last—Zionist musical comedy on Broadway

Sophie Says

A young critic weighs in on three new novels

Back to Cuba

Anthropologist Ruth Behar keeps returning to the place her family left behind

Tevye on the West End

Henry Goodman explores the inner workings of a milkman-patriarch

The Devil and Der Führer

Norman Mailer brings out the evil in all of us

Hearing Voices

Daniel Smith explores the history of the phenomenon—from the Bible to his father

Call and Response

Cabaret-punk band Barbez pays tribute to Paul Celan

Rise and Shine

What happens when 100 klezmer musicians from around the world gather for a photo op?

The Dude Abides

What happens when an agnostic follows all the rules in the Bible? A.J. Jacobs finds out.

So Help Me Word

Shalom Auslander reads from his new memoir—and waits for calamity to strike

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