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The Etrog Man

A consummate salesman sings the praises of this unusual fruit

Memory Trip

Rachel Lichtenstein takes us on a tour of forgotten places along London’s Brick Lane

Sing a New Song

Robert Alter’s version of Psalms strives to recapture their Hebrew beauty.

You Be Saved

Janice Erlbaum gets more than a manicure at the nail salon

Stolen Gems

Dalia Sofer depicts one family’s fearful and bittersweet days in revolutionary Iran

Bubbling Over

The many meanings of seltzer, from thirst quencher to missile decoy

Summer Lovin’

Reminiscences of sleepaway camp, where sleep was the last thing on anyone’s mind

Prayer Revival

A poet brings a collection of 19th-century supplications back to life

Brush with History

How an Alaskan sailor contributed to Jewish statehood

Staged Rebellion

Yiddish playwright Jacob Gordin inspired fury and adulation

Gertel’s Last Stand

After 90 years, a Lower East Side institution shuts its doors

Rise and Tithe

Charitable giving from Leviticus to Rothschild

Lady Intrepid

Ruth Gruber has seen it all—from refugee camps to Virginia Woolf’s parlor

It’s Not About You

Jesse Green’s post-bar mitzvah wrap-up (in sound)


A century ago, S. Ansky breathed new life into a shtetl folktale. His play, The Dybbuk, still captures creative minds.

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