Value Judgment

A haftorah of dark times and core beliefs

Cruel to Be Kind

A haftorah of consolations and expectations

Up in Smoke

Imagining the day they come to take your Judaism away

Wiki Bleak

A haftorah of reporting and responsibilities

Isaiah’s Inception

A haftorah of dreams and delusions

Vision of Greatness

A haftorah of dire straits and new directions

Back to Babylon

Jewlia Eisenberg and her band channel the fears and desires of ancient Jewish women

Against Happiness

A haftorah of joys and tribulations

Born Free

A haftorah of unpopular decisions and profound prophecies

Blood Brother

How a South Bronx gang leader found Judaism

Three Weeks FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the countdown to Tisha B’Av

Toy Soldiers

A haftorah of breaking down and sobering up

‘Oy! Such a Home’

A New Yorker flees to New Orleans and finds himself surrounded by Jews

Yours, Insincerely

Autographing books at a festival is not as much fun as it used to be

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