Vox Tablet

Rebel Yells

Naomi Alderman takes on Britain’s Jews

Something Wild

Eve Grubin on what happens when poetry and religious life collide

Feel the Burn

Poet Wayne Koestenbaum reveals his toxic attractions

Childhood in Black and White

Miriam Katin makes her own Holocaust comic book

Roots Music

Galeet Dardashti finds the Israeli audience her grandfather never had

The Greatest American Hero

Everyone made fun of little Gary Shteyngart. Now it’s his turn.

Light and Sweet

A slice of life at a Bronx cheesecake factory

A Man Possessed

A visit with the composer who took over where Marc Blitzstein left off

Mmmm, Fruit Slices

An audio tour of a well-worn candy store on the Lower East Side

How to Lose Gracefully

Etgar Keret on death, optimism, and the virtues of confusion

Sketches of Spain

Marcel Cohen’s Ladino lament. Plus: an excerpt from his letter to Antonio Saura.

Halves and Halve-Nots

Laurel Snyder reclaims her split identity

Silver Lining

David Berman learns to live up to his band name

Being L. Bloom

When both Sung-Nam and Jerusalem beckon

Radical Roots

Why the Yiddish workers’ movement was an American phenomenon

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