Acting Out

A haftorah of misgivings and misplaced trust

Up in the Air

The blissful idleness, and useless information dump, of a frequent flyer

David’s War

A haftorah of discipline and death

Come Together

An interview with Miriam Lowenbraun, who is working to bring Jews back to observance

Men of Mystery

A haftorah of reasoning and redemption

Life Lessons From Lepers

A haftorah of few options and many rewards


In early-20th-century Warsaw, making sure people observed the Sabbath was serious business

Great Escape

On Yom HaShoah, one woman’s story of tunneling from a Polish work camp

By the Book

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Torah

Life Is Unfair

A haftorah of small transgressions and sudden death

A Different Night

A Washington journalist discusses some of the Christian seders he has thrown

Piece Meal

The first Passover celebrations included neither haggadah nor seder. With the passage of millennia, the two have become central elements. Herewith an interactive guide to the collage of texts that constitutes the holiday’s guidebook.

Dead Wrong

A haftorah of rigidity and ritual

The Tablet Haggadah

Writers, artists, and a boxer meditate on the meaning of Passover

Platonic Form

What makes the seder night different? Its Greek roots.

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