Politics and Poesy

In early 20th-century Poland, poet Shmuel Nadler took off his yarmulke and took up with the Communists

Day of Rest

Judith Shulevitz’s new book considers the Sabbath throughout the ages and in her own life

Bull Market

A haftorah of blame and blessings

Gaming God

A haftorah of video games and vengeance


Forget cleaning for Passover and instead head to a luxury hotel for the holiday


Has Purim replaced Passover as the best holiday vehicle for expressing individual Jewish identity?

Out to Get You

A haftorah of enemies, real and imagined

Purim FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the story of Esther

Minyan Man

After starting his own prayer group, Elie Kaunfer is teaching others to do the same

Real Estates

A haftorah of housing and holiness


A haftorah of payment and purity

Evil Tongues

A haftorah of gossip and godliness

Davos Shabbos

Friday-night dinner with the machers in Switzerland

Still Lives

Newly discovered photographs shed light on daily existence in the Pale of Settlement

Judge Dread

A haftorah of women and war

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