A haftorah of payment and purity

Evil Tongues

A haftorah of gossip and godliness

Davos Shabbos

Friday-night dinner with the machers in Switzerland

Still Lives

Newly discovered photographs shed light on daily existence in the Pale of Settlement

Judge Dread

A haftorah of women and war

Tu B’Shevat FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the arboreal holiday

Coco’s Channel

A haftorah of promises and pain

The Situation

A haftorah of curses and consequence

The Road Less Traveled

A weekly haftorah of repression and regeneration

Slay Ride

A haftorah of monarchy and madness

A Serious Marriage

A haftorah of contradictions and reconciliation

With a Vengeance

A haftorah of jealousy and judgment

My Hanukkah Gift

A writer’s reflections on her olive grove and a holiday ritual

Dolled Up

American Girl teaches the economic realities of the old Lower East Side—and of today

Our Candles, Ourselves

Tablet Magazine’s picks for this year’s most enlightening Hanukkah menorahs

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