Courtroom troubles and money woes plague Cairo’s last Jews


A new book gives an insider’s assessment of four Israeli prime ministers—and Menachem Begin the voice he never had

Promises to Keep

Jonathan Schneer’s history of the Balfour Declaration frames a still-unfolding struggle

Lost in Translation

A Ramallah man struggles to find a reading public for Maimonides

Last Resort

A scuttled development on Israel’s Palmahim beach marks a victory for environmental groups


If Saudi Arabia gets the bomb, the rest of the Middle East is likely to go nuclear


A liberal Jewish journalist in Israel wonders where her allegiance lies

One-State Illusion

On Israel’s left and right, calls for binationalism are gaining ground. But the idea is a betrayal of Zionism, and of Judaism.


The Israel Museum’s impressive $100 million renovation awkwardly attempts to redefine the Jewish world

Cinders of Lebanon

The United States abandoned Beirut, and Israel takes the blame

Among the Believers

A new look at the origins of Islam describes a tolerant world that may not have existed

The Guns of August

Is U.S. military aid to Lebanon being used against Israel?

Of the People

Israeli democracy is strengthening, not weakening—and that might be the problem

Making History

Israeli President Shimon Peres reflects on his mentor, his peace partner, and whether the State of Israel will survive

Mainstreaming Hate

How media companies are using the Internet to make anti-Semitism respectable

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