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Full Immersion

One woman’s final step to conversion

Yom Kippur FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Day of Atonement

L’Shana Tova

Recipes, resolutions, remembrances, and restorations—all our Rosh Hashanah coverage

Reflection 2.0

A High Holidays online service that asks probing questions and remembers your answers


Rosh Hashanah resolutions from Matisyahu, Michael Showalter, Ayelet Waldman, and others

Wheel of Fortune

From the archives: A year into the financial meltdown, the calendar keeps turning, and so does the economic cycle

My Education

What I learned about myself and my family by leading High Holiday services at UCLA

Taking the Plunge

I visited the mikveh and became a Jew. But I still haven’t told my dad I converted.

Blow, Gabriel, Blow

Learning about the shofar, then trying to play one

Holy Rollin’

From the archives: An illustrated remembrance of High Holidays past

The Song Remains the Same

A Torah portion of music and memory

Rosh Hashanah FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the holiday

Youth No More

A Torah portion of old age and sound advice

Holy Water

A new book reveals the secrets of the mikveh

Forget About It

A Torah portion of war and remembrance

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