Taking the Plunge

I visited the mikveh and became a Jew. But I still haven’t told my dad I converted.

Blow, Gabriel, Blow

Learning about the shofar, then trying to play one

Holy Rollin’

From the archives: An illustrated remembrance of High Holidays past

The Song Remains the Same

A Torah portion of music and memory

Rosh Hashanah FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the holiday

Youth No More

A Torah portion of old age and sound advice

Holy Water

A new book reveals the secrets of the mikveh

Forget About It

A Torah portion of war and remembrance


Assessing the transformations that have shaped contemporary American Judaism

Brothers’ Keepers

A Torah portion of speaking up and standing out

In Sharks We Trust

A Torah portion of difficult choices

Saturday Night Fever

Why some families are opting for havdalah bar or bat mitzvah services

Big Tent Country

A Bozeman, Montana, congregation found its rabbi: a former lawyer with a non-Jewish wife

Brought Low

Our readers share stories of humility

Humble History

For this week’s Torah portion, we invite you to share your tales of being brought low

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