A Few Good Men

With great power comes great responsibility

Rifts and Rows

A London walking tour outlines the many divisions in British Jewry

We Don’t Need Another Hero

Genesis 12:1-17:27: Abraham, the original ordinary Joe

All His Sons

What Noah and his brood can teach us about the upcoming election

Lookin’ Down on Creation

Why making stuff up is getting us down

Unsung Historians

The grand legacy of Yizkor books

Sole Searching

A new book gets to the bottom of what we put on our feet

Open the Doors

A new school in Germany promises cantors for Europe

Just Another Sinner

A writer’s best hope is to articulate woe and avoid killing too many frogs

Wail of a Time

Cries of antipathy and prayer collide at the Western Wall

Beware the Evil Eye

A family blurs the borders between religion, superstition, and OCD

By the Book

At what point does one decide between one’s family and one’s beliefs?

Free Spirit

Danya Ruttenberg spent years wrestling with religion. Today she’s a rabbi.

Preparing the Dead

A burial society’s life lessons

Writing in the Dark

Why an Orthodox novelist shuns Orthodox publishers

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