Obliging Obama

What Netanyahu said yesterday, and to whom he was saying it

Man of the Past

Netanyahu is a leader mired in history, not looking to the future

Labor Pains

Ehud Barak led Israel’s Labor Party to irrelevance. Can anyone revive it?

Purple Prose of Cairo

The trouble with conservative critiques of Obama’s Cairo speech

Pure and Simple

Or, a chronicle of a death foretold

A Life Between Lines

Adina Hoffman’s quasi-biography of Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali

Electile Dysfunction

Or, too many leaders and no real choice

Match Shtick

Rabid soccer fandom is Ehud Olmert’s guiding political principle. Now his game is over.

Say Anything

Israel’s current election campaign may just be the funniest show in ages

Money Pit

Casualties be damned—the war in Gaza may be all about economics

Paradise Lost

Ariel Sabar searches for the Edenic past his father left behind in Kurdistan

The Hermit of Oliphant

After the literary pioneer Dvora Baron immigrated to Palestine, she never again ventured out

Expatriate Act

Maya Arad breaks ground as an Israeli writer—by living in America

Yesterday’s Hero

Fifty years after the publication of Exodus, is it time to let Ari Ben Canaan go?

Wise We Were Not

I fought passionately for independence—without really knowing what it meant

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