The Frozen Rabbi: Week 1, Part 3

What’s the best way to thaw a holy man?

The Frozen Rabbi: Week 1, Part 2

As pond waters deepen, so too does our mystery

Continental Divide

A new book positions the Dreyfus Affair amid a broad array of cultural clashes

On the Bookshelf

Of radicals, tenured and untenured

Man Out of Time

Discussing ‘The Frozen Rabbi’ with author Steve Stern, who’s stuck in the Jewish past

The Frozen Rabbi

In the first installment of our serialized novel, a hot-blooded teenager makes an icy discovery

Sensible Swoons

Charles Bernstein and the poetry of antic glee

My Son, the Pornographer

By the 1960s, Playboy and its founder had become household names. But while Hugh Hefner was out making his brand synonymous with the good life, a team of Jewish editors made his magazine one of the liveliest, sexiest, and most progressive reads around.

Epistolary Bromance

The letters exchanged by Elias Canetti, his wife, and his brother reveal the artist’s self-absorption

On the Bookshelf

Freedom Riders and Lady Liberty

Flying High

The novella ‘Union Jack’ offers Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész in top form

Axis of Evil

A new book examines how the Nazis tailored their message for Arab and Muslim audiences

Life of a Poet

Yehuda Halevi’s 12th-century Hebrew poems still speak to biographer Hillel Halkin

On the Bookshelf

Post-Soviet lit, Kafka’s heirs, and Dutch treats

The Frozen Rabbi

A serialized novel by Steve Stern with illustrations by Paul Rogers

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