Austen in Connecticut

‘Weissmanns of Westport’ resets ‘Sense and Sensibility’ on Long Island Sound

On the Bookshelf

Gurus, guides, and ideological glaucoma

Mountain Man

In New England, Salinger could be a puritanical scold and a back-to-nature Buddhist Jew

Golden Link

The epic life of Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever, who died last week at 96

Three Poems By Avrom Sutzkever

‘How,’ ‘The Lead Plates at the Rom Press,’ and ‘1981’

Vanishing Act

A new Holocaust history focuses on the life—and death—of the Polish shtetl

On the Bookshelf

Graphic novels and vivid memoirs

A Skeptic’s Skeptic

A new biography takes a look at Derrida’s philosophy of disillusionment

Küng Fu

A leading Catholic theologian offers Judaism some backhanded praise

On the Bookshelf

Integration, occupation, football nation

Questions and Answers

Rebecca Goldstein discusses Spinoza, the ‘New Atheists,’ and the biggest question of all

The Other Secret Jews

A new book explores the rich history of Turkey’s Dönme, Sephardic Jews who converted to Islam in the 1600s

Talking Shop

A philosopher and a professional schmoozer discuss the art of conversation

On the Bookshelf

Austen, Dickinson, blintzes, and Prague

My First Holocaust

The children’s books that traumatized a generation

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