Questions and Answers

Rebecca Goldstein discusses Spinoza, the ‘New Atheists,’ and the biggest question of all

The Other Secret Jews

A new book explores the rich history of Turkey’s Dönme, Sephardic Jews who converted to Islam in the 1600s

Talking Shop

A philosopher and a professional schmoozer discuss the art of conversation

On the Bookshelf

Austen, Dickinson, blintzes, and Prague

My First Holocaust

The children’s books that traumatized a generation

Enlightenment, Yes!

The controversial leftist Israeli politcal scientist Zeev Sternhell paints a damning, if perhaps uncontextualized, portrait of ‘anti-Enlightenment’ thinkers

On the Bookshelf

Believers and atheists

Free Thinkers

How Europe’s 19th and early 20th century Jews changed everything

The Joke’s on God

Stanley Moss is either the most religiously profane or profanely religious poet around

Experimental Fiction

In a 1931 novel, Ernst Weiss integrated medicine and literature

On the Bookshelf

Cartoons, both serious and zany

Dark Humor

A collection of old world Jewish jokes feels a little funny

On the Bookshelf

Who owns Holocaust history?

History and Memory

Yosef Yerushalmi, who died Tuesday, was a pioneer in the field of Jewish studies

Partisan Poet

A biography examines the life of ghetto insurgent and Zionist bard Abba Kovner

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