Great Kids’ Books

The best Jewish picture books of 2009

Homeward Bound

How Naomi Frankel’s life and work mirrored modern Jewish history

The Firebrand

A new biography tries to extinguish the myth of the kinder, gentler Trotsky

On the Bookshelf

Pluralists, pragmatists, and polemicists

Writing on the Wall

An anthology highlights the divide between sanctioned and forbidden literature

The Prophet’s Pen

A new book argues that the key to decoding the Bible is understanding its poetry

Was Paul a Jew?

A new generation of scholars argues that the apostle long considered the progenitor of anti-Semitism never left his religion

The November Pogrom

A new study pieces together the story of Kristallnacht

On the Bookshelf

Prayer, poetry, and pop

Founding Father

America’s patron saint isn’t Washington or Lincoln, a new book argues—it’s Moses


In ‘The Humbling,’ Philip Roth imagines an actor grappling with the waning of his gifts

Reading Levi in Tehran

A new project offers Arabic and Farsi translations of key Holocaust works

On the Bookshelf

Integration, emancipation, and a defense of our four-legged friends

War Diary of a Vampire

In the new fantasy novel ‘The Midnight Guardian,’ the pop-culture vampire trend turns Jewish

Word Play

What the French novelist Georges Perec owed to the kabbalistic tradition

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