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Woman of Mystery

Author Benjamin Moser explores the enigmatic life of Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector

Deliberate Evil

In a new book, Daniel Goldhagen broadens the indictment he leveled in ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners’

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Immigrants and émigrés

Heavenly Bodies

A new book probes the question of whether the Hebrew God is multiple or one

On the Bookshelf

New books on bodies visible and invisible

Braiding Flesh and Spirit

Kicking off a weeklong examination of the Jewish body

Far Flung

Charles London traveled the world and found a brand of Judaism he could embrace

On the Bookshelf

Headliners and sidemen

Protest Poetry

A newly translated anthology expands our notion of Israeli dissent

Something Old, Something New

Literary scholar Elisa New focuses on the world of her forebears

Theological Calisthenics

The characters in ‘God’s Gym’ strive to make order out of life’s chaos

Disconcerting Wipeout

How marrying Marilyn Monroe ruined Arthur Miller’s genius

On the Bookshelf

The latest in Holocaust and Lebowski scholarship

On the Bookshelf

Compulsions, subversions, and a TV tell-all

A Zionist Supreme

How Louis Brandeis’s Zionism was rooted in American patriotism

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