A reissued novel shines a light on the most neglected Singer sibling

All Quiet

Were postwar American Jews really ‘silent’ about the Holocaust?

On the Bookshelf

Sex, white supremacists, ramen noodles, and more

Mixed Record

I.F. Stone was prescient on Zionism, less so on Communism

On the Bookshelf

Soloveitchik, Céline, Salinger, and more

Smells Fishy

Chandler Burr’s new novel is an anti-Jewish tirade

The Nazi of Nazareth

A new history examines the German theologians who made a Jesus in their own image

Daniel and the Lions’ Den

Gertrude Himmelfarb charts Victorian novelist George Eliot’s road to philo-Semitism

Man Gone Down

The rise and fall of Isaac Rosenfeld, Saul Bellow’s great rival

Unto the Sons

What the Wittgenstein family gained and lost

Canon Fodder

The short, tragic life of English poet Isaac Rosenberg

Second Life

How Judaism remade itself in the wake of the Second Temple’s destruction

Free Ride

A memoir burnishes the reputation of the Operation Valkyrie conspirators

Smoke and Mirrors

A new novella showcases Amos Oz’s wizardry

In the Beginning…

Jonathan Goldstein tells Bible stories

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