Whittaker Chambers, Lionel Trilling and the anti-Communist turn

Bourne Identity

Jonathan Freedland’s alter ego takes the thriller into new territory

Hot Pursuit

The gripping, improbable, globetrotting story of how Israeli spies caught Adolf Eichmann

Scarlett O’Hara on the Galilee

A coming-of-age novel set in the Yishuv

Among the Faithful

In The Believers, Zoë Heller affectionately satirizes a family mired in ideology

The Storm Called Progress

Benjamin, Scholem, Rosenzweig and the Angel of History

American as Apple Pie

A new book probes how 20th-century Jewish leaders marketed their faith

Butcher Boy

What makes the guts of a novel Jewish?

A Poet

How Louis Zukofsky grappled with Marxism, music, and math


A Coney Island diary

Labor of Love

An editor looks back on 50 years at the helm of a leading Israeli literary magazine

The Long War


Were Marranos the first of the moderns?

Aleph Vet

A glimpse inside the world of Vietnam’s Jewish GIs

Swallowed Whole

Réjean Ducharme’s mysterious 1966 novel

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