Spirited Away

His masked hero has arrived on the big screen, but it’s Will Eisner’s slice-of-life comics that loom large

A Jewel of a Shul

An elegant history of a Lower East Side landmark

The Book of Ruth

Rereading Yehuda Amichai through the lens of heartbreak

True Confessions

A new book probes Augustine’s vexing ‘defense’ of Judaism

The Office Series, Day Five: Conclusion

What it all means for us

The Office Series, Day Four: After Kafka

Nazis in the workplace, what Kafka’s writings presaged

The Office Series, Day Three: Kafka

How the writer’s work directly inspired his art

Touchy Subject

Frederick Busch feared his novel Invisible Mending would upset readers. He didn’t anticipate his own discomfort.

The Office Series, Day Two: Before Kafka

How the writer found his way to an office

The Office: Kafka Edition

A weeklong inquiry into how workaday fact inspired masterwork fiction


Edward Kritzler’s uneven history of Jewish pirates

His Back Pages

A forgotten collaboration connects Bob Dylan to Hollywood

Starting Small

Tracing Hilary Putnam’s roadmap to God

Birds of a Feather

Jews dominated the once-booming ostrich feather business. A historian finds out why.

Stormin’ da Castle

How Tony Curtis conquered Hollywood

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