Outsider in the Promised Land

The hero of Shimon Ballas

The Truth Seeker

The work of Gershom Scholem

Minding the Store

Max Apple

In Bloom

Pearl Buck breathes life into a disappearing Chinese community

Storm Warning

The surprising alliance at the heart of John Oliver Killens

City of Dreams

A memoirist recalls what came after the thriving Baghdad of his youth

Restoration Project

Where have all Bernard Malamud’s readers gone?

Death of a Pothead

Elisa Albert talks about her first novel—a coming-of-death tragicomedy

Tales from School

Louis Auchincloss

Brother’s Keeper

Philippe Grimbert pretended he had an older sibling. The macabre reality was not far off.

Love Story

Moving from translation into fiction, Evan Fallenberg conjures an unlikely romance

Speculative Friction

Selim Nassib’s latest novel riffs on rumors of Golda Meir’s affair with a Palestinian banker

Agent Provocateur

In Arnon Grunberg’s fiction, there are no unmentionables

Dizzy With Life

Clarice Lispector’s gorgeous, vibrant writings made one writer’s head—and heart—spin

A Wanderer in the Desert

How a tubercular shoemaker became a great Yiddish poet

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