Cairene Dream

In telling her father’s story of exile, Lucette Lagnado conjures the beloved Egypt and ugly Brooklyn of her youth

Stolen Gems

Dalia Sofer depicts one family’s fearful and bittersweet days in revolutionary Iran

Power Failure

Ruth Wisse takes on anti-Semitism and Jewish discomfort with being in charge

Resistance Fighter

In her new novel, Tatiana de Rosnay challenges France’s hero complex

Secret History

Natalie Danford’s glimpse into life of wartime Urbino

A Woman Out of Time

In 1938, at the height of U.S. isolationism, Americans devoured Phyllis Bottome’s chronicle of a German-Jewish family’s struggle to survive under the Nazi regime

Prayer Revival

A poet brings a collection of 19th-century supplications back to life

Outside the Lines

Douglas Rushkoff turns open source Judaism into a comic book

The Piperno Case

Is a popular Italian novel a daring comedy of manners

Summer Reading 2007

What we’re reading

Fall From Grace

In 1843, British novelist Grace Aguilar was a household name on both sides of the Atlantic. So how come we’ve never heard of her?

What I Am Going to Write This Summer

Time has arrived to rock the world of fiction

On Literary Love

What happens when the writer you admire most becomes your friend?

Camoin Among the Savages

Amid the clang of a Vegas casino, I found a literary hero

Immediate Identification

Finding things in common with a boy from old L

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