A Door Opens

The author of Stern remembers his heady first days on the literary scene

Westward Expansion

Prostitutes, Christian Scientists, cross-dressing teachers

In Case You Missed It – Part 2

Some favorite essays from 2006

French Press

American novelist Jonathan Littell has snared France’s top literary prizes

Queen Bee

Are Jennifer Weiner’s novels bestsellers because

Funny Guys Finish Last

Philip Roth and Bruce Jay Friedman were rising stars in the 1960s. Roth became part of the canon. Friedman became “that guy who wrote Splash.”

The Middle-American Way of Death

A lesson Mitch Albom never learned from Morrie

Darkness Visible

Shira Nayman’s characters chase the ghosts who haunt them

Paper Trail

In bidding on a batch of stamps, Reinhard Kaiser unearthed the story of an ill-fated wartime romance


An excerpt from the The Wicked Son: Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred, and the Jews, the latest in Nextbook’s Jewish Encounters Series

Family History

In The Lost, Daniel Mendelsohn excavates some unsettling truths about brotherhood, betrayal, and the Book of Genesis.

Identity Politics

In David Levithan’s latest young adult novel, president-elect Abraham Stein

Behind the Legend

A new biography of Irène Némirovsky reveals an author less saintly than her current readers might like to believe

Anger Management

Fifty years ago Gerald Green, who died this week, wrote a prescient bestseller about a Hebrew Hammer-style vigilante with his own reality show

Rebel Yells

Naomi Alderman takes on Britain’s Jews

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