Brownsville Revisited

A graphic look at the neighborhood that spawned Danny Kaye, Mel Brooks, Jerry Stiller

Something Wild

Eve Grubin on what happens when poetry and religious life collide

Great Escapes, Part Two

Six more characters to spend the summer with

Uncomfortably Numb

What happens when you go to Auschwitz and feel… nothing?

Feel the Burn

Poet Wayne Koestenbaum reveals his toxic attractions

A Triangle of Influences

The three women who shaped a novel

Great Escapes

Six characters to spend the summer with

King of the Forest

The Viennese pornographer turned critic who dreamed up Bambi

The Tense of Trauma

Novelist Chris Kraus ponders the meaning of “It would have been”

The Greatest American Hero

Everyone made fun of little Gary Shteyngart. Now it’s his turn.

The Spy Who Loved Me

An Israeli thriller that captivated Graham Greene

Free Radical

Baruch Spinoza inspired Rebecca Goldstein. So why is she out to betray him?

How to Lose Gracefully

Etgar Keret on death, optimism, and the virtues of confusion

Give ‘Em Hecht

A young Chicago newspaperman thought he was perfect for the part of his hero

House of the Holy

When you’re called God, the pressure for genius is titanic

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