The Journalist and the Murderer

What’s it like to discover that your great-uncle was a mobster?

Fight Club

In the 1930s, boxing was more infused with politics than ever before

Painful Admissions

Unearthing the history of discrimination in the Ivy League

School Ties

Jacques de Lacretelle won praise when he wrote in Dreyfus’ shadow, but today his portrait of a prep-school peer looks grotesque.

The Good Doctor

Examining Maimonides with Sherwin Nuland

A History of Violence

Lionel Trilling was a classicist who did not believe in creativity’s lower depths. So what did he see in Isaac Babel?

Foreign Affairs

Aaron Hamburger’s Americans abroad are not so innocent

Faking It

When girls want to know how Stacy Friedman’s bat mitzvah compares with my own, I need to be armed with answers.

Flood Watcher

Fiction echoes the nightly news

Poet, Warrior, King

In The Life of David, the first book in Nextbook’s Jewish Encounters series, Robert Pinsky examines the legacy of one of the Bible’s most compelling figures

Maimonides: Prologue

Maimonides: Reader’s Guide

Translating and Transmitting the Law

The Life of David: Chapter One

The Life of David: Reader’s Guide

Fathers, Sons, Brothers, and Heirs

The Odd-Bod

In literary London, Elias Canetti was everybody’s favorite refugee

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