Piperno’s Complaint

Italy’s new literary It Boy takes more than one page out of Philip Roth

Let’s Get Lost

Rebecca Solnit wanders and ponders landscapes haunted by Walter Benjamin and Leopold Bloom

Meow Mix

Joann Sfar on his graphic tale of a clever cat in 1930s Algeria

Third Look

On rereading Leonard Michaels’s I Would Have Saved Them If I Could

Note From the Underground

A fictional account of a terrorist attack becomes eerily prescient

Plot Heavy

How two books about conspiracy theories get it wrong

Girl Wonder

Melissa Bank’s heroines are witty, self-deprecating, underachieving…and Jewish

Back from the Shadows

Dovid Bergelson’s skepticism served him poorly in life but sublimely in art

Town and Country

Hillel Halkin tries to untangle the roots of his adopted hometown

Be My Knife

A Hebrew professor relies on the sharp edge of language to dissect male failure

Summer Reading

Hear recommendations from Tony Kushner, Myla Goldberg, Gary Shteyngart, and others

Tough Times

Joseph Lelyveld reports out his childhood and gets peeved at Cynthia Ozick

Fierce Detachment

Samuel G. Freedman wrestles with how to write about his mother, and ends up doing some kind of penance.

Throwing Mud

Michael Chabon’s fact and fiction

No Exit

Raised in the last golden days of the Hapsburgs, the Viennese writer Stefan Zweig found his world shattered by war.

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