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David Hazony argues that the Decalogue is as relevant today as it’s ever been

Gelt and Innocence

A feverish love of collecting masked a family’s shameful truth: There was no money.

Morality Play

Israelis, as a new survey shows, could learn a thing or two from the Joseph of this week’s parasha

Croak and Dagger

A writer finds echoes of the Holocaust wherever he turns

Sweet and Light

A well-oiled selection of Hanukkah fare—from a new twist on latkes to salads and savory ‘gelt’

Children of the Book

Part II: As Hanukkah approaches, a look at the year’s best Jewish books for older kids

Free Vanunu, Too

If we’ve learned anything from Joseph, the hero of this week’s parasha, we must demand justice for Israeli spy Mordechai Vanunu

Children of the Book

As Hanukkah approaches, a look at the year’s best Jewish picture books

Angel Dust

Jacob struggles with the angel in this week’s parasha. As a new book about an Armenian family’s history shows, we must do the same.

Family Ties

Football, food, and the importance of tradition

Hanukkah 2010

Collected Hanukkah coverage

Bright Spots

The best of this year’s chanukiahs, the menorahs used for Hanukkah, are beautiful, sometimes clever, and occasionally poignant

Fit to Eat

Author Sue Fishkoff reports on the world of kosher food production and consumption


A new report tries to understand the demographic shift facing Jewish leadership

The Others

Several new books for children and young adults ask us to see the world through Palestinian kids’ eyes

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