Ten Years After

A decade after the IDF left Lebanon, lessons for the U.S. from that withdrawal

Jordan Rules

Amman’s ambassador to Washington talks about the possibilities for Middle East peace

Mistaken Identity?

When I lived upstairs from the Jewish Defense Organization, Hitler was a presence on the Lower East Side

No Debate

Paul Berman challenges liberal intellectuals to take a stand against Tariq Ramadan


Muslim intellectual Tariq Ramadan, Somali refugee Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Paul Berman’s new ‘Flight of the Intellectuals’

Binding Ties

A new book probes Israel’s murky relationship with apartheid South Africa

Good Samaritans

Israel’s smallest religious minority offers Jews a glimpse of what might have been

Pol Position

How the heir to an Orthodox rabbinical dynasty landed in Pennsylvania’s Senate race

O Jerusalem

Does Israel’s capital—with its large, activist, and growing ultra-Orthodox population—fairly represent Israel?


There’s linkage, too, between U.S. actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and Faisal Shahzad’s bombing attempt in Times Square

Top Ten

A crossword puzzle for the month of Sivan

Satellite of Hate

In Kyrgyzstan, anti-Semitism erupts in the wake of the president’s ouster

King Without a Crown

Malcolm Hoenlein has served as the unofficial king of the Jews for the past three decades, but a combination of forces threatens his rule

Song Cycle

The many lives of ‘Jerusalem of Gold,’ an Israeli anthem


South Lebanon Army soldiers fought alongside IDF troops in their country and followed them south when Israel withdrew. Now they’re waiting for a chance to go home.

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