High Holidays 5771

Collected Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur coverage


A haftorah of strong emotions and long views

Breeding Ground

In a graphic memoir and an online video, two women channel anguish over infertility into art

Eat, Pray, Love Your Brother

The Julia Roberts blockbuster—and the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir it’s based on—get the prayer part all wrong

Dog Days

A hot day in Tel Aviv, a bored child, and a discussion of the Commandments

Priestly Caste

There’s a growing movement of women who practice their Judaism through feminist, earth-based rituals

Value Judgment

A haftorah of dark times and core beliefs


When immigrant Lower East Side moms rioted over tonsillectomies

Short and Sweet

A new book defends the height-challenged and teaches kids about the misuse of science

Cruel to Be Kind

A haftorah of consolations and expectations

The Suburb Not Taken

City or subdivision: Where’s the best place to raise kids?

Strangers in a Strange Land

A haftorah of decency and despair

Up in Smoke

Imagining the day they come to take your Judaism away


Rethinking the traditions of tish and bedeken for a progressive, egalitarian wedding

Camp for Everyone

The blessings of Jewish camps for special-needs kids

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