Private Practice

A group of intermarried Jewish women gather for Shabbat but pack away their identities

Executive Dish

Noshing at the White House, last month and through the years

‘Oy! Such a Home’

A New Yorker flees to New Orleans and finds himself surrounded by Jews


Why I don’t read mommyblogs

Yours, Insincerely

Autographing books at a festival is not as much fun as it used to be

Fathers and Sons

Reflections on a vexed relationship

School Daze

A haftorah of outcasts and paybacks

Death Toll

Back when the Yiddish press relished covering suicides

Pomp and Happenstance

A graduation speech for the kindergarten set

Goal Posts

A haftorah of overtimes and underdogs

Dutch Treat

As the North Sea catch hits the States, the traditional pairing of jarred herring and schnapps makes way for refinement

Summer Fling

A crossword puzzle for the month of Tamuz

Butt of the Joke

Why do my kids laugh at poop?

Teachable Moment

The limits of a cross-denominational partnership aimed at helping Jewish educators

Powering Down

Zechariah, the flotilla, and reflections on might and morality

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