A Life Between Lines

Adina Hoffman’s quasi-biography of Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali

Medieval Times

Essay collection sheds light on the dark ages

Electile Dysfunction

Or, too many leaders and no real choice

Time? Space? Continue ‘Em

Or Twitter and the Tabernacle

Match Shtick

Rabid soccer fandom is Ehud Olmert’s guiding political principle. Now his game is over.

Say Anything

Israel’s current election campaign may just be the funniest show in ages

The Great Sleep

With millions visiting D.C., a few had to crash on the JCC’s floor

Postcards from the Beginning

Dispatches from eight Sabbath services on the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration

Money Pit

Casualties be damned—the war in Gaza may be all about economics

Love Thy Neighbor

What’s behind evangelical support for Israel?

The Longest Yard

How Benny Friedman made football a quarterback’s game

Tenacious D

Igor Olshansky’s path to the NFL

An Unexpected Leader

A politician who broke the mold (it’s not who you think)

Paradise Lost

Ariel Sabar searches for the Edenic past his father left behind in Kurdistan

After the Storm

Three years ago, Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. New Orleans—and its only kosher market—persist in its wake.

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