Why Are Jews Liberals?

A symposium

The Long Goodbye

Norman Podhoretz unravels the mystery of Jewish attachment to liberalism

Oni the Lonely

Why the philo-Semitic Republic of Georgia has no Jews

Rabbi Rambo

The do-it-yourself approach to synagogue security

Obama’s Next Test

What will he do about the released Lockerbie bomber?

Forbidding Sequel

Why a Third Lebanon War would be far worse than the Second


The indictment against Ehud Olmert alleges a byzantine system of fraud


Ted Kennedy—friend of Israel, champion of social justice, advocate for Soviet Jews—became part of our family

Pink Panthers

Why the antiwar group Code Pink has targeted an Israeli cosmetics company

Broken Watch

Does Human Rights Watch have an Israel problem?

Shopping Sprawl

Are Israel’s suburban malls destroying its urban centers?

End of an Era

How a murder by a British major helped end the British Mandate in Palestine

Darkness Falls

Understanding Robert Novak’s controversial relationship with Israel and Judaism

Physician’s Assistance

What would Maimonides say about health-care reform?

Unorthodox Position

Meet Washington’s gay-friendly Orthodox rabbi

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