Shopping Sprawl

Are Israel’s suburban malls destroying its urban centers?

End of an Era

How a murder by a British major helped end the British Mandate in Palestine

Darkness Falls

Understanding Robert Novak’s controversial relationship with Israel and Judaism

Physician’s Assistance

What would Maimonides say about health-care reform?

Unorthodox Position

Meet Washington’s gay-friendly Orthodox rabbi

The Jewish Question

What if the head of Hamburg’s Jewish community wasn’t actually Jewish?

What Happened in Hebron?

Considering the settlements on the 80th anniversary of a massacre

The Lucky Likudnik

Why Benjamin Netanyahu is having a more successful term than anyone expected

Israel Second?

New National Jewish Democratic Council president David Harris must lead the group in the age of Obama

El Sid

The former ‘Nation’ editor and publisher remembers Sidney Zion, crusading journalist and renegade Jew

The Good Fight

Krav Maga, and why the martial-arts world loves Israel

The Last Canaanite

Israel loses Amos Kenan, author, artist, activist, native son

Aquino’s Lesson

What we can learn from the Philippines housewife who defeated a dictator

Gritty Zionism

With his debut novel, essayist Gadi Taub shows an unfamiliar side of Israel—and of himself

A Bubble No More

Does the gay-center shooting spell the end of Tel Aviv as utopia?

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