Targeting Tehran?

Despite recent signals, Israel isn’t ready to bomb Iran. Yet.

Surprise Witness

Why I want Lani Guinier to testify at Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing

Message in a Bottle

How Google helped connect a forgotten Holocaust letter to its author’s descendants

The Rafsanjani Connection

The 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish community center bombing and Iran’s influence in Latin America

Troubled Water

Is pumping water into the Dead Sea saving or destroying it?

The Other Civil Union

Never mind gay marriage. In Israel, even the conventional variety is tricky.

Time Is Money

Translating the Madoff sentence into dollars and cents

A View from the Courtroom

A dispatch from Madoff’s sentencing

What Disraeli Can Teach the GOP

The founder of modern conservatism is needed now more than ever

Crime Time

How Israel’s top entertainer turned homicidal maniac, and what that means for the country at large

The Denial Twist, Part IV

The Jewish women behind the Holocaust revisionism titans

Draft Notice

Tel Aviv basketball star Omri Casspi is poised to become the first Israeli to play in the NBA

The Denial Twist, Part III

The struggle gets personal between two titans of Holocaust-revisionism movement

Bush’s Lesson for Obama

One president’s Knesset address, and how the other’s Cairo speech compares

Daybreak: Free Madoff in 2021

A sentencing request, Nixon’s take on Jews, and more in the news

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