Peaks of Perfection

An Austrian museum mounts an exhibition on the Jewish love affair with the Alps

Purple Prose of Cairo

The trouble with conservative critiques of Obama’s Cairo speech

Introducing Tablet Magazine

Our new online magazine is inspired by century-old journalistic traditions— and two rough-hewn pieces of stone

Remembrance Day

Building a memorial always brings fraught politics, especially on a hilltop in Rwanda

Primary Source

Grigoris Balakian was the Primo Levi of the Armenian Genocide. Ninety years later, his memoir is published in English.

The Minority Within the Minority

A new book examines the place of Sephardim in America

Pure and Simple

Or, a chronicle of a death foretold

A Life Between Lines

Adina Hoffman’s quasi-biography of Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali

Medieval Times

Essay collection sheds light on the dark ages

Electile Dysfunction

Or, too many leaders and no real choice

Time? Space? Continue ‘Em

Or Twitter and the Tabernacle

Match Shtick

Rabid soccer fandom is Ehud Olmert’s guiding political principle. Now his game is over.

Say Anything

Israel’s current election campaign may just be the funniest show in ages

The Great Sleep

With millions visiting D.C., a few had to crash on the JCC’s floor

Postcards from the Beginning

Dispatches from eight Sabbath services on the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration

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