The Denial Twist, Part II

Meet Mark Weber, self-styled Holocaust-denial academic

Revolution Renewed

Iranian Jewish writer Roya Hakakian, who fled to the U.S. in 1985, sees hope in the current chaos

The Denial Twist

Bradley R. Smith and Mark Weber are at the center of the U.S. Holocaust-revisionism movement. Now they’re feuding with each other. The first of four parts in a Tablet investigative series.


Cheryl Saban’s journey from beach bunny to philanthropist

Boneheads and Ballots

Explaining the rise of the British National Party

Regarding Bibi

Reactions to the Netanyahu speech in Israeli and U.S. media

Obliging Obama

What Netanyahu said yesterday, and to whom he was saying it

Man of the Past

Netanyahu is a leader mired in history, not looking to the future

Labor Pains

Ehud Barak led Israel’s Labor Party to irrelevance. Can anyone revive it?

American Psycho

How alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn fits into the current state of American anti-Semitism.

News We Can Use

VIDEO: Advice for Tablet from ethnic-newspaper editors

Peaks of Perfection

An Austrian museum mounts an exhibition on the Jewish love affair with the Alps

Purple Prose of Cairo

The trouble with conservative critiques of Obama’s Cairo speech

Introducing Tablet Magazine

Our new online magazine is inspired by century-old journalistic traditions— and two rough-hewn pieces of stone

Remembrance Day

Building a memorial always brings fraught politics, especially on a hilltop in Rwanda

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