After the Storm

Three years ago, Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. New Orleans—and its only kosher market—persist in its wake.

Hate Mail

What’s all this about Obama being bad for the Jews?

Strange Bedfellow

Benjamin Disraeli’s remarkable political career.

The Road Not Taken

Decades before Herzl, Benjamin Disraeli wrote a novel that grappled with Zionism

The Hermit of Oliphant

After the literary pioneer Dvora Baron immigrated to Palestine, she never again ventured out

Was This Man a Genius?

The twisted mind of Otto Weininger

Expatriate Act

Maya Arad breaks ground as an Israeli writer—by living in America

Yesterday’s Hero

Fifty years after the publication of Exodus, is it time to let Ari Ben Canaan go?

Wise We Were Not

I fought passionately for independence—without really knowing what it meant

In a Burning Country

A summer in Jerusalem means coming upon different kinds of shelter

Take a Hike

Dan White’s adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail

What Happened to Mary Berg?

A young girl’s account of the Warsaw Ghetto was a big success. Then the diary—and its author—disappeared.

Party Faithful

A left-wing atheist ponders his religious heritage

Curtain Up

Benjamin Harshav explores the Moscow Yiddish Theater

Repeat Offender?

Germany’s ever-evolving struggle with anti-Semitism

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