Not So Wild About It

Our parenting columnist checks out the Maurice Sendak movie

Morbid Curiosities

A tour through a collection of Jewish funerary objects

The Children Are the Future

A haftorah of singing praise and raising kids

Body Image

How to reconcile religious prohibitions on autopsies with the need to determine a cause of death

The Broker’s Fee

A novel excerpt examines the desperation of a family in need of a kidney

My Rose Tattoo

To honor her body, the writer visits a Tel Aviv tattoo parlor

A Cold Case

From the archives: Trying to recall the exact moment my father told me he was dying

Race Relations

Freud and his theories on the inheritance of Jewishness

Bell Curve to Bell Jar

From the archives: The neverending fetishistic fascination with Jews and intelligence

Her Body, Her Self

From the archives: How a poet made the transition from man to woman

Hunger Pangs

Vegetarianism grew too limiting for one writer, but kashrut, at least as she interprets it, never did

Terms of Endearment

From the archives: In praise of ‘knish,’ ‘shmundie,’ and other Yiddish slang for vagina


From the archives: A new father finds that the bris ends but the foreskin lingers

Bottled Guilt

How the debate over breastfeeding is driving us crazy

Bombs Away

With a nuclear threat from Iran hovering, a Tel Aviv family dispenses with housekeeping

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