The Avenger

A haftorah of wrongs and fights

Prayer Unbound

A Wikipedia-style siddur is revolutionizing the world of prayerbooks

Being Jewish

David Gelernter, a computer scientist and observant Jew, wants his co-religionists to get holy

Po’ Boy

A haftorah of pride and property

Toy Vey

What not to buy this holiday season

Defender of the People

Sniffing out anti-Semitism, overt and imagined, takes its toll on an Israeli visiting Europe

Habitual Ritual

A haftorah of rules and revelry

Manhood, Interrupted

The grisly aftermath of a broken engagement

Needling Worry

Why are we so crazy when it comes to vaccines?

Corrupts Absolutely

A haftorah of power and passion

Common Ground

A documentary focuses on the grandchildren of Holocaust victims and perpetrators

The Gift of Life

Organ donation, the mitzvah not enough of us keep

The Miracle Worker

A haftorah of unlikely occurrences and blind faith

My Generation

R. Crumb, Genesis, feminism, and history in the latest chapter of an illustrated memoir

The Annotated Child: Halloween Hangover

The costumes are back in storage, but not for long!

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