Repeat Offender?

Germany’s ever-evolving struggle with anti-Semitism

A Passage to Gujarat

Esther David’s novels chronicle a community of Jews in a province riddled with ethnic violence

Home Base

My best friend’s really stupid idea


A murky homeland is hard to stand by

The Old Ballgame

With looming Mets and Red Sox home openers, a family determines for whom to root

Breaking Away

How did a young immigrant mother become a cycling sensation?

Up Against The Man

How did a woman become the establishment candidate? And does voting for her make me feminist? Or fusty?

Winner Take All

When politics trumps porn

In Her Own Backyard

Sara Paretsky on her latest leap from crime fiction and what her famous heroine has in common with I.B. Singer

Men of the Court

Who sank the NBA’s first hoop? Meet the pioneers of basketball.

Brush with History

How an Alaskan sailor contributed to Jewish statehood

Firmly in the Fold

S. Yizhar harangued and criticized the country he loved

Jerusalem Time

Journalist Amy Dockser Marcus talks with Sara Ivry about the the rival interests that energized the city a century ago

Solomon’s Son

Half a century ago, Albie Sachs sat defiantly on a bench designated “for non-whites only.” Today he sits on South Africa’s highest court.

Our Man in Bethlehem

Matt Beynon Rees creates a new kind of sleuth

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