Alienation Effect

Shadowtime seems to strive for difficulty for its own sake

Second Stage

The Diaspora Drama Group tries to revive Yiddish theater

Making Noise

Sex, politics, and the story of Purim

Off-Broadway Transference

Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and the woman who brought them together

Ambulance Chasing

A playwright locates her grandfather, a Reds announcer with a voice rootless as the airwaves, with help from Death of a Salesman.

The Kafka Curve

Think Gregor Samsa had it rough? He never had to wait in line at Carnegie Hall.

Second Fiddle

Billy Sunday

A comedian wears out his the boychik routine

Character Flaw

Modern Orthodox, Daniel Goldfarb’s new play, dramatizes an implausible episode in the life of a secular New York couple. Ben, a sweet, sensitive financier, buys an engagement ring for Hannah from a prying, self-righteous Orthodox diamond merchant. Ben winds up bullying him into removing his yarmulke before he will buy. For days after the play, I was unsettled. What was wrong with Hannah?

Rent After Death

A higher order as dysfunctional as our own

Precious Objects

An experimental musical about the Rosenbachs celebrates their love affair with book dealing

Smile and Wince

Rolling out an endless parade of stereotypes

Spirit Remover

The Dybbuk returns

Play Within a Play

Slights Unseen

A dozen years ago, critics saw Donald Margulies bring a Philip Roth character to the stage. Some scenes have aged better than others.

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