Retribution, Reconsidered

A new play considers the psychology of Holocaust survivors fixed on vengeance


Examining Soviet Russia’s short-lived Jewish renaissance

On the Bookshelf

Armed struggles, exit strategies, cats, and lullabies

Object Lesson

An exhibition at New York’s Jewish Museum redefines the ritual object

Treasure Trove

How is it that one of the greatest collections of Hebraica ever assembled can’t find a home?

Inside Player

Oran Etkin takes his cues from Malian griots, Louis Armstrong, and the shtetl

The Truman No-Show

A new book assesses the president’s role in the creation of Israel

On the Bookshelf

Wisecrackers, retailers, and Maimonideans

The End of the Affair

In a book on the Dreyfus Affair, writer-lawyer Louis Begley offers a 21st-century J’accuse

Ramallah, Illinois

Is a film about Palestinians inherently political?

Bag of Tricks

Wallace Shawn on being Jewish—onscreen and off

Sacred Space

Louis Kahn and the architecture of quiet reverence

Atrocious Normalcy

A new study of the Warsaw Ghetto features the brutal and the banal

Mindless Violence

The Baader-Meinhof Gang had all the brains of an action flick

On the Bookshelf

Jewish liberalism, spiritual boredom, and crock-pot miracles

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