Treasure Trove

How is it that one of the greatest collections of Hebraica ever assembled can’t find a home?

Inside Player

Oran Etkin takes his cues from Malian griots, Louis Armstrong, and the shtetl

The Truman No-Show

A new book assesses the president’s role in the creation of Israel

On the Bookshelf

Wisecrackers, retailers, and Maimonideans

The End of the Affair

In a book on the Dreyfus Affair, writer-lawyer Louis Begley offers a 21st-century J’accuse

Ramallah, Illinois

Is a film about Palestinians inherently political?

Bag of Tricks

Wallace Shawn on being Jewish—onscreen and off

Sacred Space

Louis Kahn and the architecture of quiet reverence

Atrocious Normalcy

A new study of the Warsaw Ghetto features the brutal and the banal

Mindless Violence

The Baader-Meinhof Gang had all the brains of an action flick

On the Bookshelf

Jewish liberalism, spiritual boredom, and crock-pot miracles


Daniel Levin and Austin Ratner could have been professionals; instead they became novelists

Jazzed Up

New albums find inspiration in the Passover haggadah

Impromptu Fantasias

Inside the world of Benjamin De Casseres: aphorist, diarist, egotist

On the Bookshelf

Jews and Germans, Trotsky, Clarice Lispector

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