Vox Tablet

Always Coca-Cola, Not Always Kosher

How Coke got its rabbinic stamp of approval

Wild Ride

The rocky road of dating with low expectations

God’s Zagat

Dining with the Deity has its own rules

Time? Space? Continue ‘Em

Or Twitter and the Tabernacle

The Watchman

Or Moses, the original Dr. Manhattan?


Young and restless at the Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival

Clothes Call

On the importance of dressing up

Greed is God

Or, every deity deserves its crib

Period Piece

A new anthology goes with the flow

Mother Tongue

Body Politic

What makes a body Jewish?

Soft Sell

On the pleasures and terrors of accepting the rules

Communication Breakdown

Why the Lord is no David Lynch

The Law Won

Hope that love could bend the rules of kosher observance only went so far

Meat Up

David Sax celebrates the wonders of rolled beef, tongue, and other deli treats

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