G.I. Jew

In Israel, the ‘real American hero’ was a different kind of soldier

Frankfurt on the Hudson

How the fathers of Critical Theory found their way to America

Exceptional Spiritedness

A writer-lawyer tackles Primo Levi’s tangled life and legacy

The Jewish Fringe

A look at four plays from New York’s Fringe Festival

On the Bookshelf

Going nuts, draft dodging, and Louis Brandeis

On Cinematography

Susan Sontag, in a rare turn as filmmaker, visited a traumatized Israel in 1973

A Nice Jewish Boy

Hunky Antonio Sabato Jr. looks for love on TV, with help from his mother

A Milkman in Winter

After 42 years, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ star Topol is still stuck in Anatevka

Chic Radical

A new biography is overly impressed by Leonard Bernstein’s liberal politics

On the Bookshelf

Madoff, interfaith dialogue, British Jews, and more

Holy Rollers

Israel’s best-selling rock musicians draw freely from the liturgy

Guilt By Association

A novelist reflects on what it means to be a Jewish writer

Tu B’Av and No Love

A Jewish Valentine? Bring on the heartbreak


Rich Cohen’s new book, ‘Israel is Real,’ is divorced from reality

On the Bookshelf

Virtuous Poles, an X-Men villain, Rashi’s daughters, and YA classics

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