Spicing Things Up

Israeli food makes a splash in Dubai

Take the Money and Run

Was Moses the Bernie Madoff of his time?

Hitting the Bottle

A has-been rocker’s addiction prompts a revelation

In the Fold

Flipping through the world of ultra-Orthodox women’s magazines

There’s the Rub

A new restaurant prompts a writer to rethink his Jewishness

Memo From the Mount

Some advice on leadership from the original man in charge

A Man’s Got To Do

Ernest Shackleton, Moses and the brilliance of failing

Divine Intervention

Can religious women have their cake, and eat it too?

An Acquired Taste

A toast to Cel-Ray, the one and only celery soda

Words of Our Fathers

What a 1942 essay contest revealed about immigrants’ lives, in the Old World and the New

Her Body, Her Self

What it meant for one person, born male, to become a woman

The Meaning of Life

Must we learn the lesson only once it’s much too late?

Stranger in a Strange Land

Giving it all up for California

Wolves at the Door

My brother and I carried our shared past in different directions

The Quality of Mercy

Or, with great power comes great responsibility

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