Idol Chatter

In his essays, Leonard Michaels worried about the line between art and the profane

On the Bookshelf

What makes a Jew: Family? Community? Books?


Remembering Harvey Kurtzman, the genius behind MAD Magazine

The Bachelorette

A new series brings a familiar face to an unfamiliar medium

Their Magic Moment

How Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller tapped into the soul of ’50s America—and made it sing

Drawing on Experience

In fashioning his sculptures, Jacques Lipchitz drew inspiration from his sketches—and his past

What Is a Jew?

An essay collection explores the complexities of Jewish identity

The Damascus Affair

Playwright David Adjmi’s love-hate relationship with his Syrian Jewish roots

The Queens of Bollywood

When Jewish women were the leading ladies of Indian cinema

On the Bookshelf

Diasporas, tomatoes, interstellar Zionists, and more

On the Other Side

Moishe Nadir wrote Yiddish stories for American audiences—on deadline


A reissued novel shines a light on the most neglected Singer sibling

All Quiet

Were postwar American Jews really ‘silent’ about the Holocaust?

On the Bookshelf

Sex, white supremacists, ramen noodles, and more

Not Dead Yet

Yiddish theater, long eulogized, is celebrated at a Montreal festival

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