A Sensitive Issue

In a new documentary, the circumcision debate comes to a head

Forbidden Fruit

Judith Katzir on the lives of Israeli women, both real and imagined

Party Faithful

A left-wing atheist ponders his religious heritage

No Place Like Home

Tania Grossinger chronicles her childhood at the Catskills resort

Within Four Walls

A forgotten synagogue in a defunct prison is brought to light

The Hard-Knock Life

An Orthodox Annie takes the frum world by storm

Born Free

A documentary plumbs early memories of life on the kibbutz

Home Base

My best friend’s really stupid idea

Excerpt from Singermann

Excerpt from This Man Is My Brother

The Inciter

What happens when a German provocateur turns to the subject of love?

A Fortress Called Home

After sixty years of Israel’s statehood, shouldn’t Jews feel safe there?

The Half-Life

How do the products of an interfaith marriage choose their identities?

Inherit the Windbags

Why projects like the Creation Museum induce religious stupor and cripple imaginations

A Gathering of Diasporas

An Israeli in New York contemplates her homeland

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